Presentations coming up…

Congratulations to the Carthage College Intro Psych instruction team who will be presenting at MISTOP on February 22nd. The talk will focus on using team teaching for large introductory classes. Barhart, A., Cameron, E.L., Sylaska, K., Munk, D., & Robbins, A. (2019) The Benefits of Team-Teaching Introduction to Psychological Science. Talk to be presented at the 26th… Continue reading Presentations coming up…

See you at OPAM!

Congratulations to Kory, who will be presenting her thesis work at the Object Perception Attention & Memory (OPAM) workshop at Psychonomics this year in Montreal. Scherer, K. & Robbins, A. (2019) Let’s Rock Categorical Search: How Exemplar Repetition During Category Learning and Category Variability Influence Search. Poster to be presented at OPAM 2019 in Montreal. 

ECEM poster

Leslie Cameron and I will be presenting our work at the European Conference on Eye Movements in August! This project is an extension of Dr. Cameron's work in Decoding the Disciplines and looks at how eye movements differ between expert and novice graph readers. Robbins, A., Pelnar, H., & Cameron, E.L. (2019) Similarities and differences… Continue reading ECEM poster

PICS Database at APS

I am very excited to have the opportunity to share information about the PICS database at the APS Convention this year in Washington D.C.  I have worked with my colleagues at New Mexico State University and the University of Central Florida to develop a database of images that is organized by similarity using multidimensional scaling.… Continue reading PICS Database at APS

NITOP Materials

I had a wonderful time at my first NITOP conference! There were some great discussions about changing the way we teach statistics and research methods in light of changes in psychological science. I look forward to continuing these discussions with my colleagues and new connections. Please email me for access any of the teaching materials… Continue reading NITOP Materials