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I am currently a doctoral student in cognitive psychology at New Mexico State University. My advisor is Michael Hout. I plan to graduate in 2017.

Research Interests

When searching for target items in a category, what information is used to guide our attention? My current research examines sources of guidance (e.g. category typicality) during categorical search using behavioral and eye tracking measures. My dissertation work examines how visual context can influence attentional templates during search for categorical items. That is, how does the context we are in create expectations about what our target item will look like, and how does that tune our templates for more efficient search?

More broadly, I have interests in visual search, with a focus on the interaction between memory and semantic representations and search. Current studies in visual search examine expertise and collaborative strategies. Previously, I have examined the influence of stress on attentional processes, specifically how the hormone cortisol affects such processes. Though not my primary line of research anymore, I still hold interests in understanding how the biological substrates of stress influence attentional systems.

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