Students in the lab work on a variety of projects and develop their skills in research design, programming and coding, data analysis, presentation, and writing. Please reach out if you are interested in working with Dr. Robbins as a collaborator or student researcher.

Current Projects

  • Webcam eye tracking
  • Machine learning and visual search
  • Distractor processing in categorical search
  • Visual memory in search
  • Human factors of vehicle automation

We are…

Dr. Arryn Robbins

Principal Investigator

I received my PhD in Experimental Psychology from New Mexico State University, and have since conducted research in a variety of domains that are centered around human cognition. As the principal investigator of the Robbins Lab, I work with student investigators to address basic and applied research questions in visual search, perceptual similarity, category representation, and decision making. I love collaborative projects and mentoring student researchers. When I’m not working, I am outdoors with my family and dogs.

arobbins [at] richmond [dot] edu

Tolya Evdokimov, ’25

Lab coordinator

Majors: Computer science, Cognitive Science

My name is Tolya, and I work on machine learning and visual cognition projects within Robbins Lab. Specifically, I work on the webcam eye tracking project which aims to build a low-cost AI tool to increase the access to the eye tracking technology. I am passionate about building ethical and equitable computational models that will enhance our understanding of human cognition. In my free time, I like to scrape datasets online and learn to build cool visualizations. I also love ice skating, cats, and coffee 🙂

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Paean Luby, ’25

Majors: Computer science, Psychology (neuroscience concentration), LALIS

My name is Paean (pronounced like payin’ the bills), and I am an aspiring virtual and augmented reality software engineer with a hope to eventually impart this experience as a computer science professor. Specifically, after my grandparents’ deaths from dementia and stroke, I’ve dedicated my schooling to slowing neurodegenerative diseases using digitally simulated enriched environments. I am currently pursuing pre-clinical behavioral neuroscience research in the Lambert Lab with an emphasis on how enriched environments influence vascularization, as well as conducting a machine-learning-based visual search project in Dr. Robbins Visual Cognition Lab. In my graduate studies, I aim to expand into clinical models of neurodegenerative diseases and virtual reality’s potential as a treatment, a trajectory I hope to prepare for through my work in Dr. Michael Hout’s VR Lab this summer.

Michal Ilouz, ’25

Majors: Cognitive Science and Leadership Studies

My current research interests lie in our perceptions of leaders and decision-making processes in leadership. I hope to find some way to incorporate that interest into a career in consulting. A fun fact about me is that one of my travel bucket list items is to visit all 63 national parks.


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