VSS acceptance!

Happy to have a poster accepted to the annual meeting of the Vision Sciences Society in May. I’ll be there discussing a novel anticipatory stress paradigm I developed and it’s  LACK of influence on eye stability.

Robbins, A., Hout, M. C., Godwin, H. J., & Fitzsimmons, G.  (upcoming).  Quiet eyes: Stress, worry, and anxiety fail to influence fixational stability, accuracy, or movement frequency.  Poster to be presented at the Vision Sciences Society 2015 Meeting in St. Petersburgh, Fl (May, 2015).

Also, Jessica Madrid (also in VSM Lab) has her first poster acceptance and will present the results of our music and attention research!

Madrid, J., Robbins, A., & Hout, M. C.  (upcoming).  Drop the beat and miss T2: How various dimensions of music influence attentional failures.  Poster to be presented at the Vision Sciences Society 2015 Meeting in St. Petersburgh, Fl (May, 2015)

New updates for the New Year!

I’m happy to say that I will be presenting my master’s thesis as a poster for the upcoming Cognitive Neuroscience Society conference in San Francisco this year.

Robbins, A. & Thompson, L.A. (upcoming). Decreases in Cortisol are Positively Associated with Improvements in Executive Control. To be presented at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society’s annual meeting in San Francisco, CA (March, 2015)

Also, our SA Mind article is officially on stands today. Go to your nearest Barnes and Noble and pick up a copy!

Happy New Year!

Welcome Fall!

As a new semester begins, I will be busy teaching and completing my comprehensive exams. But there is a lot of exciting things happening in the VSM Lab!

Lab members

We have a bunch of new lab members, including graduate students and research assistants, joining us this fall. Check out their information here. Welcome all!!


I am excited to begin new studies examining the impact of psychosocial stress on eye movements! I also am planning on testing a new stress paradigm for anticipatory stress. We also have some studies in the works looking more into the impact of psychosocial stress on visual search.


Our article for Scientific American MIND is expected to hit the stands this fall! More info to come!

Also, check us our at Psychonomics this year! We will have a poster at both Psychonomics and OPAM examining various aspects of visual search. See my research pages for more information!