• New Frontiers for Young Minds article out

    Michael Hout and I wrote this fun article for Frontiers for Young Minds about visual search. See it HERE.

  • Presentations coming up…

    Congratulations to the Carthage College Intro Psych instruction team who will be presenting at MISTOP on February 22nd. The talk will focus on using team teaching for large introductory classes. Barhart, A., Cameron, E.L., Sylaska, K., Munk, D., & Robbins, A. (2019) The Benefits of Team-Teaching Introduction to Psychological Science. Talk to be presented at the 26th…

  • RMPA Talk in April

    I just received word that I will be giving a talk at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Conference April 12-14.  This talk will be a summary of my dissertation efforts, focusing on how context is an important factor in developing precise search templates in categorical search.  It will be my first time attending RMPA. I…

  • Featured Article on Psychonomics Website

    Last week our most recent article ““Categorical templates are more useful when features are consistent: Evidence from eye-movements during search for societally important vehicles.” was featured on the website for the Psychonomic Society! You can read more HERE

  • New paper published!

    We are happy to have another paper published in AP&P! Congrats gang! Hout, M. C., Robbins, A., Godwin, H. J., Fitzsimmons, G, & Scarince, C. (in press). Categorical templates are more useful when features are consistent: Evidence from eye-movements during search for societally important vehicles. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics.

  • Catching up!

    Catching up!

    I recently had the opportunity to present at Graduate Education Day in Santa Fe, NM at the capitol building! I was selected by the Dean of the Graduate school to present my research on expertise in visual search. I was happy to represent NMSU at this event and educate our legislators about all the amazing…

  • VSS 2016!

    The lab recently returned from the Vision Sciences Society meeting in St. Pete’s Beach, FL. We presented several posters and a mini talk. It was a great time catching up with friends and spending some time on the beach 🙂  

  • Cranking out that research!

    Congrats to my fellow lab members and Dr. Hout for all of the VSS presentation acceptances! I will present research I completed last semester examining pupillary reflexes during categorical search. Here is a list of our upcoming presentations: Robbins, A., & Hout, M. C.  (2016, to be presented).  Typicality effects in categorical visual search investigated…

  • Visual Cognition paper out

    Check out our latest article in Visual Cognition. I will be presenting this paper at OPAM this year in Chicago.

  • New article out in AP&P!

    We have a new article out in AP&P: a tutorial in using MDS to quantify similarity for stimuli! Check it out at Hout’s website HERE. Congrats to my coauthors on a great paper!

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