PICS Database at APS

I am very excited to have the opportunity to share information about the PICS database at the APS Convention this year in Washington D.C.  I have worked with my colleagues at New Mexico State University and the University of Central Florida to develop a database of images that is organized by similarity using multidimensional scaling. The database is unique in its size (1200 images!) and arrangement by categories. We hope researchers in vision sciences and categorization or memory will find it useful.

Robbins, A., MacDonald, J., Ercolino, A., Schmidt, J., Sabic, E., & Hout, M.C. (2019). The Pictures by Category and Similarity (PICS) Database: A database of 1200 pictures from 20 object categories rated for similarity using multidimensional scaling. Poster to be presented at the APS Convention in Washington D.C. (May 2019)