• VSS 2016!

    The lab recently returned from the Vision Sciences Society meeting in St. Pete’s Beach, FL. We presented several posters and a mini talk. It was a great time catching up with friends and spending some time on the beach 🙂  

  • Cranking out that research!

    Congrats to my fellow lab members and Dr. Hout for all of the VSS presentation acceptances! I will present research I completed last semester examining pupillary reflexes during categorical search. Here is a list of our upcoming presentations: Robbins, A., & Hout, M. C.  (2016, to be presented).  Typicality effects in categorical visual search investigated…

  • Happy New Year!!

    Our lab and work has recently received some press… A while back, Michael Hout and I completed an interview for the Las Cruces Sun News. The article focused on our recent research examining whether or not working in pairs can benefit types of visual search. Check out the article HERE. Also, one of our recent…

  • Visual Cognition paper out

    Check out our latest article in Visual Cognition. I will be presenting this paper at OPAM this year in Chicago.

  • OPAM acceptance and a new semester!

    So much good news to share from the past few weeks! I am thrilled to be presenting at both the Psychonomic Society Conference and at OPAM this year in Chicago. At the conference for the Psychonomic Society, I will be presenting a poster titled “Going beyond the ‘visual’ in visual search: Semantic search for related…

  • VSS Poster

    Our lab got back from the VSS conference just a couple days ago. We had an amazing time and met some fantastic people! Here’s a PDF reprint of my poster that I presented –>  ARobbins_VSS2015 Thanks to those who stopped by! We will see you next year!

  • VSS acceptance!

    Happy to have a poster accepted to the annual meeting of the Vision Sciences Society in May. I’ll be there discussing a novel anticipatory stress paradigm I developed and it’s  LACK of influence on eye stability. Robbins, A., Hout, M. C., Godwin, H. J., & Fitzsimmons, G.  (upcoming).  Quiet eyes: Stress, worry, and anxiety fail…

  • Scientific American MIND article… Coming soon!

    Mike Hout and I finished up an article discussing eye-tracking technology for Scientific American MIND magazine. Check out the digital copy on December 18th or the paper version on stands January 6th!

  • OPAM Poster

    Had a great time at OPAM! On to Psychonomics! Here is my poster from OPAM, available for download as a pdf. OPAM 2014_Robbins

  • Welcome Fall!

    As a new semester begins, I will be busy teaching and completing my comprehensive exams. But there is a lot of exciting things happening in the VSM Lab! Lab members We have a bunch of new lab members, including graduate students and research assistants, joining us this fall. Check out their information here. Welcome all!!…

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